Please make sure you do not choose to opt out of our communications.  If you do, several of these processes will not work, as we cannot send you email when you have asked us not to.

Instructions for obtaining CPE certificate:

After attending class, you will receive an email that is titled Feedback and CPE for (class name).  The Feedback Survey requires answers for three or four questions. When done, hit submit.  Each individual will receive a second email that has a link for downloading their CPE Certificate.  It will download as “badgexxxxxxxx” where the “x’s” are random characters, but represent the unique identifier assigned to each registrant.  This file will appear in the “Recently Downloaded” file, and it will also be seen at the bottom left of the monitor.  Click on it and save with Name and Class Info to a Folder to retain the certificates. 

SC Midlands ISACA Chapter 54 reports your CPEs to ISACA International only if you have an ISACA certification.  Please retain your certificates to report to other organizations as needed – this is each member’s responsibility.


Class Materials:
To obtain any class materials, use your class confirmation number and the weblink for the event to reenter the class website.  When you are on the Summary Page, there are several Tabs running across the top of the page - Look for the one titled "Information".  Click on it, and then a tab for “Class Material” should show up. Click on the tab, and download, save and print if you would like.


Class Registration, Confirmation Numbers and Class Invoice:
Payment is now due at the time of registration by Credit or Debit Cards.  We have eliminated the option for Mail in Payments for individuals.  Once you are registered, you will be able to print an Invoice.  If you do not choose to do that at the time of registration, but find you need this Invoice later, use the confirmation email that you received after registering which contains your Confirmation Number and a link to the Class website.  Re-enter the class website by using  the Class Link and enter your Confirmation Number.  Under the Tab “My Registration, you will then see a tab “Invoice.”  If you need reimbursement, you can choose to print out your invoice for submittal to your organization’s Accounts Payable Department. 


Corporate Payment:
Organizations may choose to register their groups of employees to come to our events.  Instead of registering one by one, do this as a group registration which will produce a confirmation number and invoice for each individual registered, to send to your Accounts Payable to process the payment.  After inputting all the names and information of the individuals to attend, select Corporate Payment as the process to use for payment. A confirmation notice will appear and produce the Confirmation Numbers and a link to the class event. Print the Invoices and send to your Accounts Payable.  The Invoice will contain the Confirmation number and the Class link and is what Accounts Payable will need to go back into the event and make payment by Credit.  Special permission from the Chapter President ( is needed for a mail-in check. Personal mail-in checks or cash are no longer accepted.  Each employee registered will receive an email confirmation notice and be able to enter the class website to obtain class materials and their CPE certificate.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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