SC Midlands Chapter of ISACA - Get Involved / Volunteer

Are you new to the SC Midlands Chapter of ISACA?  Do you go to chapter meetings and find a group of strangers?  One of the ways to get to know people in your profession is to become involved. SC Midlands ISACA is led by volunteers, run by volunteers, and utilizes volunteers for most of the tasks needed to make it the organization that it is.

The key to any effective organization is people who are committed to the common mission.  The SC Midlands ISACA has been fortunate to have many capable and motivated people participating in building and maintaining the chapter from the early days through to our most recent accomplishments.  We welcome you in joining this group to take an active role in supporting the development of the Information System Security, Audit and Governance profession throughout the South Carolina area.

There are volunteer opportunities that range in commitment from as little as a one-time two-hour role at a seminar to support registration to the many hours committed by our board.  Many opportunities request two to four hours per month or short term commitments.  There are always opportunities for leadership; program development, community service, and any other thing that an 85,000+ member international organization needs to remain strong.

What's in it for Me? - Rewards and Recognition

  • PERSONAL REWARD - giving back to an organization that has given me so much 
  • VALUABLE EXPERIENCE - Skills broadening - try something you've always wanted to do, learning about new tools and techniques that other volunteers bring to the table
  • MEET NEW PEOPLE - Networking opportunities in regular meetings and interactions with professional peers throughout the region
  • KEEP INVOLVED - Earn CPEs to keep your certified status current
  • MAKE AN IMPACT - Help thousands of professional people and hundreds of organizations in South Carolina for years to come
  • WORK WITH A VARIETY OF PEOPLE - From so many different organizations (corporations, non-profits, government, engineering, software, etc.)
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS - Incredible friendships are made with other professionals

 The Chapter only maintains its excellence through the efforts of its members. Jump in to help.

To see a list of available volunteer positions, contact president@scisaca.org and become involved in your SC Midlands ISACA!

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